The world’s top 10 business schools

8. Hong Kong UST Business School

Location: Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Facts:“To many, HKUST is known asA research school. Within the two decades since their establishment, they have been consistently ranked in the world’s top 20 for their research achievements. The HKUST Business School has established a number of research centres which focus on interdisciplinary research collaboration.

What they want:

“Rather than select candidates based on a preconceived formula, we consider how they will interact with each other as a group, how the program matches their individual needs and objectives, and the extent to which they are driven by and embrace success.

Contribution –‘students from a diversity of backgrounds with a broad spectrum of valuable experience. When considering your application, they look for the extent to which you can contribute to the program by exchanging knowledge and sharing experience with your peers.

Goals –A prime concern is to align the expectations of candidates and ensure that they can fulfill the needs that have driven you to apply.

Success –“Most importantly, they are looking for outstanding candidates with leadership potential with the capacity to make lasting contributions to the region or industry in which they are working.

9. MIT: Sloan

Location:“Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Facts:?During the Core semester, students are assigned to groups called cohorts which are composed of about 68 students who remain together through all Core classes. Within the cohort, students are assigned to study groups of six to seven students. What better place to start collecting an extensive network of connections?

What they want:

“Either the attribute we are looking for is there or it’s not. We don’t say, ‘I like this person because this person is outgoing.’ We don’t do it that way. We admit someone because they have a high competency score in creativity, or relationship building, or goal setting, or influencing.”

MIT seek individuals who demonstrate:

  • Leadership and an ability to inspire others;
  • A collaborative spirit and focus on community;
  • Intellectual curiosity and analytical strength;
  • Creativity to generate new solutions to existing challenges; and
  • Growth in both professional and personal endeavours.

10. University of Chicago: Booth

Location:?Chicago, Illinois, United States

Facts:?Students focus on generating, analyzing, comparing, and refining ideas. It suits the more analytical and intellectual nature of the University of Chicago. The flagship of Booth’s program is its flexible curriculum. Unlike many other top schools with lockstep first-year MBA programs, Booth pretty much requires MBAs to go through only one course together.

What they want:

?We evaluate candidates using a holistic process that incorporates every component of the application. More broadly, the application can be categorized into three broad themes; curriculum, community and career.


  • Academic preparedness
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Communications skills


  • Leadership
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Respect for others
  • Philanthropic tendencies
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • A unique perspective


  • A track record of success
  • Resourcefulness
  • Sense of personal direction
  • Time-management skills
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