The worst sales pitch ever

We came across this hilarious clip from College Humor this morning (thanks to Mashable for bringing it to our attention) and just had to share it with you.

Picture the scene: a business owner has problems with his website so he calls in the boys from a company called Brushfire Media (or is it Moobie-Moo Digital, Angel Dump LLC or Devil Deuce Interactive? We can’t quite tell) to help.?

These guys are your typical “wannapreneurs”. They’re college grads, they wear shades, they knock back energy drinks, they’ve received investment from “a VC company out of Qatar” and… they talk a load of gibberish.

Our favourite ridiculous quotes/buzzwords:

“If I could just drive the bus for a second”

“Branded integration from a user-side content platform is totally dead”


Watch and enjoy. And pray you never have to deal with entrepreneurs like this.

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