The worst things happen to the best people

Horrendous start to week. Hear that my lovely accounts guy is in hospital having had suspected stroke. Hopefully minor but very little news as yet. As usual, reflect that these things always happen to the nicest people.   Meanwhile, I’m tearing hair out as offices still barely staffed. Two sides – that is sales and production offices – act as back up to each other. Sales team has been in place less than a month and production team consists of accounts guy, logistics, myself and second-in-charge. Logistics person is mid-way through a job change, losing some customer service work to sales team and gaining some direct production administration from my second-in-charge. But, at this precise moment, not fully functioning in old or new role. One way or another, this all leaves us proverbially stuffed!   Can see another month stretching ahead with "second" and I under siege and doing work we shouldn’t be doing while neglecting the work we should be doing. Just as we were getting somewhere… 

And there’s the little voice at the back of my head which reminds me that accounts guy is younger than I am.

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