The year of being selfish

New Year meeting with business coach who, like all good coaches, always challenges me, stretches me and leaves me feeling shaken and stirred.  

Main theme was to re-focus even harder on looking at what I want out of life and making business plan suit that – chucking out all feelings and theories of what might be good for the business. Having done that, I need to be clear and concise to staff about what business is going to do to meet my personal aims and goals, and make it clear to them that they can deliver that or look for another job. I am told this is my year to be selfish. Will take a bit of digesting. Meanwhile, continue to battle with builders at home (thank goodness this is the last room) and chaos on the roads, making deliveries a nightmare.  As I’m expecting to be snowed in at home rather than getting my go-kart of a car stuck in snow during the next few days, certainly have a lot to think about.

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