The young entrepreneur?s guide to leadership

Do young people make good leaders? How can they when they are still learning? 

The truth is, we are all still growing and evolving. You could be 50 years old and be a terrible leader.

Leadership is not defined by age ? it is defined by the ability to lead and motivate others to produce a winning team. 

A good team

You can only be as strong as your team. Great teammates who believe in you will bring out the best leader in you. In order to select a good team, you must know the skills required to get the job done. Often, it is not the most qualified that make good team members. It is those who are passionate and committed to the cause.

In my opinion, it is 40 per cent qualifications/ability and 60 per cent passion and commitment. Select teammates who are smarter than you and who know their role inside-out. Select team mates who are passionate. This will make leading much easier. If the team was put in place before you took your role, motivate them. Take them on away days and get them totally fired up and on board.

A good plan

No one can lead without a good plan. Planning is essential in leadership. You need to plan for the day-to-day activities and you need to plan for things that don?t go to plan.

Planning should always be linked to the vision of what you are trying to achieve. The plan does not have to be in a vernacular that you do not understand. Make the plan legible. Make it actionable, and set performance indicators to ensure that you are on target.

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A good strategy

Yes, I know that this is linked to planning. The plan is the roadmap. The strategy is the vehicle that you will use to get there. Every good leader needs a strategy, but the great thing is, you don?t need to create the strategy. That is why you have a team.

You create the plan, and your team are responsible for creating and driving the strategy. Your role as the leader is to ensure that the strategy is working and is delivered on time.

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