There is never a right time in business

The old ?take action? chestnut

I hate the phrase ?take action? ? it?s the phrase all those plastic ?self help? gurus use to sign off their dodgy sales letters, promising people millions of pounds of untold wealth overnight. As much as I dislike the phrase, it?s still very important. We all need to take action ? if we don?t, our business will never exist or grow.

I?ve never worried about waiting for the right time to start a business ? and I?ve started three! I?ve always been a bit bullish about the way I?ve done things. I?m impatient by nature ? my nickname was ?Mr. Rush? in school. It?s a bit of luck really, because had I weighed things up properly, I would never have started a business ? there are always lots of reasons why I shouldn?t.

If you take one thing away from this article it should be this:

You?ll always be a bit short of cash or a bit strapped for time. The truth is, if your startup business idea has legs and potential, you won?t be strapped for cash or for time for long. Your startup will gather momentum ? you?ll be able to drop everything around you and focus purely on your business.

Never be that person who sits and waits for a right time to start their business. Your startup idea might actually work ? but if you never try it, you?ll be left with a niggling regret for the rest of your days.

Even I wait for the right time, sometimes

I?m guilty of waiting for ?the right time? myself. I?ve always started my businesses on a bit of a whim, but when it came to writing a book I always made excuses to myself; ?you can do it tomorrow Nigel, it?ll wait.?

I?d been promising myself that I?d write a book about my startup experiences ? it was a promise I reaffirmed to myself over two or three years. There came a point when I decided to stop waiting for the right time ? I made time to write a book.

My book is called “10 Secrets for Successful Startups on“, which launched in Amazon?s Kindle store on the 9th January 2014. My objective was to have just one person download the book, because if just one person reads it, it will have been worth the months on end I spent writing it! My initial objective has been smashed many times over ? I?m over the moon with how the book has been received.

My book touches on a lot of topics specific to startup business ? including having fun with your startup, and why I think business plans are completely overrated. I?ve also included a chapter about an old friend who is still waiting for the right time to start his business (three years after coming up with the idea). The book is a short read that?s ideal for would-be startup owners and entrepreneurs ? it?s also great for anyone with a genuine love of business.

I?d love for you to download my book and tell me what you think about it.

The book will be free for you to download to your Kindle device on the following dates:

  • Tuesday January 21st;
  • Tuesday January 28th; and
  • Tuesday February 4th. 
Nigel is a UK-based entrepreneur and small business owner. Nigel started his first business by accident – but he hasn’t looked back! Nigel is releasing a series of “warts and all” books for the Kindle platform, drawing on his experience of startup business.

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