There’s gold in them there hills…

The year was 1848. Americans and foreigners from far and wide were flocking to the great state of California where word of a “Gold Rush” was the buzz. A place where dreams of fortunes and prosperity came true, with a little hard work and a lot of luck.

Many people never found ANY gold, losing limbs and lives in the search of something better, while others made their fortunes. But for most, just surviving was the task at hand.

Not much different than business today, then. Especially in the internet world. The new American “Internet Rush” is really no different. Similarly, there are more than enough riches to go around: it’s just those who stake their “claim” on the right business and put in the extra effort that reap its rewards.

Although today’s internet entrepreneurs are not “panning” for gold, they sure are “prospecting” for their big claim and that rare find – the Googles, Facebooks, and Twitters of the world. Many of whom have already done so.

Here is the thing…There were SOME people who were GUARANTEED to make money during the Gold Rush. Can you guess who?

That’s right. It was the people selling what the people searching for gold needed. Hardware stores selling pick axes and lanterns. General stores selling food and clothing. Taverns selling alcohol where men could gather and tell tall tales of their latest find.

Even though the Gold Rush was over 150 years ago, it’s still a very important lesson in how to make a successful business and create your fortune.

If you provide a solution to a need, and do it better than anyone else, you are GUARANTEED to be a success. It’s that simple.

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