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There’s a reason why the STAX SR-009 has been lauded as ultra-expensive

Our minds are very good at wondering. In fact, the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to eight seconds. Goldfish, meanwhile, are believed to have an attention span of nine seconds!But there’s one way to make a repetitive task more lively: adding some music. It’s been said that having a melody in the background releases dopamine in the reward area of the brain and after having a look through the priciest headsets we found the STAX SR-009.

This was the subject of a NY Times article, which claimed ?those who listen to music complete their tasks more quickly and come up with better ideas than those who don’t?because the music improved their mood. When you’re stressed, you might make a decision more hastily; you have a very narrow focus of attention. When you’re in a positive mood, you’re able to take in more options.


The benefits of music are thus great, that seems to be a lauded fact. So shouldn?t more people be calmly bopping their heads at work to their favourite tunes” And shouldn?t earphones then be a no-brainer present for your clients this season” Who can say no to the ability to listen to music

But, as always here in Business Class we strive to deliver the luxury tag version, and so took a closer look at the STAX SR-009. It will cost you a hefty?$5,250. There’s a reason for the high price though: ?For many decades the name STAX has been synonymous with top quality electrostatic headphones, and many discerning listeners have regarded their top models as among the best, if notthe best, headphones presently available.

That’s according to Chris Martens from the absolute sound, who claimed this particular version was ultar-rare and therefore ultra-expensive.

“To appreciate what a quantum leap into the price/performance stratosphere this represents, consider the fact that Stax’s previous flagship model, the SR-007 Mk2, sells for $2,650 (the SR-007 Mk2 will continue in the product line and be sold alongside the SR-009).,” Martens said.

“The SR-009 is, to the best of my knowledge, the most costly headphone on today’s market, and there is frankly only one thing that can possibly justify its lofty price: performance, performance, and more performance. Does the SR-009 deliver the sonic goods” That’s the question this review will address, but the unequivocal one-word answer is, yes!”

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