These 8 must-follow tips will keep you safe in the cloud

6. Know your cloud
The many current options of public, private or hybrid cloud mean that you can tailor your security measures to fit. 

Although reasonably secure, a public cloud can be vulnerable and you should take more precautions, whereas a private cloud is less likely to be breached yet still requires a sensible amount of security. 

You should still ensure any cloud provider offers service level agreements of at least 99.8 per cent, or guarantees for security provision and audits. If in doubt, you may be wise to keep your proprietary data and critical business applications in-house. 

7. Know your cloud environment
You should establish where your data is stored, especially if it holds the keys to your personal data. 

Only use a known cloud provider who is reliable, with a proven track record. Determine how you access your data when a cloud provider?s systems are down and what applications will be affected and that a swift recovery can be guaranteed.

It?s also essential that your provider can show it offers full UK data protection. A cloud data centre should be certified to international standards including ISO 27001 for information security management, ISO 9001 for quality management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

8. Control your data
Ensure that you keep a current, local copy of your data so that you can still access it if your cloud services fail. 

This way, in the event of an outage, loss of internet or a security issue, you can still access everything you need – without worrying. 

If you are truly concerned about storing sensitive data in the cloud, keep this data on your personal computer. Security measures will still be required, but are likely to be supplemented by antivirus software. Delete things from your cloud that aren?t required ? they take up space and could become vulnerable in the future. 

Izak Oosthuizen is a consultant at Exec Sys

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