These expert tips will help you retain and motivate your staff

Create opportunities for personal growth

Developing employee skills is without doubt one of the most important means of reducing staff turnover, but it is often the most difficult to integrate. Staff want to feel like they are progressing in their careers and this can affect happiness.

By reviewing your organisation structure you can examine the role and responsibilities of staff. This could lead to the implementation of specialised career paths, which present short and long term plans; beneficial for the individual and the business. 

Take time to sit down with employees and create a personal development plan which can help them achieve growth and improvement. Build a reputation as a business that gives promotional chances. This can be a huge incentive to potential new recruits.

Promote a culture of an open-door policy

When re-shaping in organisational structures takes place it is important to establish an open-door policy in which all staff can have an element on input and feedback. Whilst this might not result in everyone?s needs being satisfied, it can help to steer a direction for the large majority of the workforce. 

Other ways to gain valuable feedback is to hold face-to-face feedback sessions and departmental meetings. Department representatives may also be useful and provide a great outlet to give staff a voice and make them feel like they have an influence over the business.

Staff turnover is an issue that all businesses will no doubt face at some point. However, by integrating certain procedures you can greatly decrease the amount of staff leaving, and generate a pleasant working environment which encourages success and progression.

Jason O?Brien is chief operating officer at

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