These London offices are designed to look like Alice in Wonderland

The offices, located on Boundry Row, feature meeting rooms complete with Cheshire cat prints and fake ivies; corridors fitted to look like the Queen of Heart’s croquet field; and, in its reception, the torsoless body of Alice herself (the torso and head reemerge on the roof).

Open for almost a year, the building was designed by Samantha Kopsch of Peldon Rose, and is operated by Office Space in Town, one of the first office services companies in the UK.

CEO of Office Space in Town Giles Fuchs said on building the offices: “Sam pitched the idea – she was obviously anxious – and my first thoughts were ‘are we brave enough to do this ‘

“When I told my daughter, she said: ‘Daddy, if you do this and you get it wrong, it’ll look awful.’

That’s her [Sam’s] genius: that she did it and it was the right side of krass.”

The idea was partly inspired by the trend toward innovative office spaces in IT and technology. For example: the Google offices in Zurich have a slide, or the ‘hanging gardens’ of Zappos’ offices in the US. Fuchs explored such offices during his research into what was, at the time, unknown territory. Appealing to these types of companies was a priority: however, they have been filled by media and marketing startups.

Fuchs knew the offices would be popular as soon as he saw the finished product. “We spend most of our lives in offices: so they should be interesting, and they should be comfortable.

“Our proposition has three main points. We sound-proof meeting rooms. Each room has its own heating system. And everything is charged for, including meeting rooms, which in the end actually keeps costs down for businesses.

“Design is key for us. It was our first consideration in building these offices.”

Office Space in Town has a few more offices in London, as well as Cardiff, Northhampton and Edinburgh. One, currently in design for London, will be Monopoly-themed – and have ‘Chance’ chests as coffee tables, and a ‘Go’ sign hanging outside within its reception.

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