These things always come in threes

Arghhhhh! Fast and furious come the two other disasters to join my lovely accounts guy’s stroke and make the proverbial three.   Had been aware of growing tensions between trainer and one of new sales staff. Having committed, for once, huge amounts of time and money into training the new team, the day starts with an email announcing sale staff’s resignation due to “the heavy-handed approach taken to training that has left her puzzled”.

The crunch seemed to be that she continually disagreed with our – and the trainer’s – methods and resented being told by sales manager that, once fully trained, she would have certain targets to achieve.  Trainer, aka Shrunk On Top, was clearly having troubles of her own. The training programmes (bought from hugely reputable training company) actually turned out to be in the wrong format and needed a lot of prep work and were a bit advanced for our line managers.

It’s the icing on the cake for poor Shrunk On Top, who is already quite adrift with personal problems this week. Sadly, we watch her rapid departure. Sympathetic to her stressed state though I am, our entire company plan is fitted around these training weeks. Am now left thinking the only way forward is to do it myself. Wondering how on earth I’m going to do my own job, accounts job, training job and, of course, be creative on next year’s product range…

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