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This couples business lets duo travel the world in luxury and work just 20 hours a week

Australian entrepreneurs Nicole Connolly and Michael Wright are celebrating the past few years, during which theyve worked a term they use loosely around the world in the Caribbean, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Paris, Iceland and beyond.

They founded and live a freedom lifestyle that enables their desire to travel the globe, while making money at the same time.

The online enterprise means there are no ties to one location, as Connolly delivers knowledge of their experiences to fellow entrepreneurs by providing support and advice on how they can work towards freedom one of lifes ultimate goals .

The first thing people want to know when they hear about our travel lifestyle is how we afford it,” Connolly revealed. There was no winning lottery ticket or inheritance, but instead the couple uses income from FreedomJunkies to fund their habit.

So many people out there want to quit their 9 to 5 and live life more deliberately but they just dont know where to start. It is our mission to help these people and offer advice and tips to help them achieve a freedom lifestyle,” continued Wright.

This freedom lets Connolly look back on the 70-hour working weeks she had as a spa owner, which ironically made her incredibly stressed. Nowadays, she has relaxed part-time hours having replaced a bricks and mortar business for 20-hour weeks working from a laptop in any location they choose.

Despite the short shifts, Connolly is on the receiving end of a five-figure income each month and wants others to benefit.

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Describing the freedom lifestyle, she said: “Its a way of life where you get to wake up naturally, plan your day around your passions, make your health a priority, and spend plenty of time with the people you love, because you are working on your own terms, from your laptop, anywhere you like.

The digital entrepreneur found the long hours exhausting and stressful. All of it became too much to bear and, combined with the loss of her mother, Connolly and her husband decided it was time for a change.

She admitted: I found myself struggling to make sense of why I was working so hard, living somewhere that didnt excite me, and feeling stressed out all the time.
I started thinking that life was simply too short to be anything less than amazing.
So we sold everything we owned, and we left Australia to travel the world.

Choosing a one-way ticket meant no turning back, but with only enough cash to last one year, Connolly and Wright did what they could to make the journey a permanent way of life for them.

I looked into my options, discovered social media management, learned the skills I needed, and grew my client base. Within six months, I was earning the equivalent of my income back at home, $10,000 a month, while working only 10 to 20 hours per week, travelling, and staying in luxury accommodations,” she said.

If you werent already feeling envious, the pair waking up with sunshine and walks on the beach before breakfast.

Connolly concluded: Im not working 20-hour-days to become a giant internet mogul that doesnt appeal to me at all. Im simply grateful to be able to make the money I need to support my luxury lifestyle, while I travel the world, explore new cultures, and experience different ways of life. I created the lifestyle of my dreams by taking a giant leap of faith and working for it.

Becoming successful online doesnt take a giant personality Im a huge introvert, trust me or working super-long hours every day, unless you’re trying to build a multimillion dollar empire. All it takes is believing in yourself, believing in your dreams, and doing the work.

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