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“This is England 2008 not Petticoat Fairyland”

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In a letter to Real Business entitled “Sexist Redshaw strikes again”, the entrepreneur behind Norwich-based engineering firm Redco slams the government for prioritising women entrepreneurs in this year’s Budget.

“£12.5m to encourage women entrepreneurs? What a ridiculous waste of resources,” says managing director Mike Redshaw. “This is England 2008 not Petticoat Fairyland.”

Redshaw demands to know exactly how the money will be spent: “I cannot be alone in thinking this is a political gesture to the PC Brigade. And it’s a gesture we cannot afford.”

His parting shot to Chancellor Alistair Darling? “No brownie points.”

Is dinosaur Mike Redhaw the only sexist entrepreneur out there or are there more of you hiding away? Let’s hear your views.

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