This week will be about me, me, me

Born into a family with a very strong work ethic combined with a very “British Blitz” attitude of pushing oneself until you drop, I have always tended to ignore physical or mental wear and tear and just kept going, regardless. I also have the workaholic tendency to grind myself into the ground rather than dealing with things elsewhere that upset me.
As the business has grown, it has become even harder – not just because of an ever increasing work load but because I always end up stepping in and sorting out other people’s problems in the company.
Collapsing earlier this year has taught me, at least, that ploughing on regardless and trying to do everything is not always the best plan. It taught me that I am needed to run the company and, if I’m not able to do that, we’re in serious trouble. It also taught me that I do my best work at home, away from the constant bombardment of personnel.

This week, I’m determined not to make the same errors. I do NOT want to be ill again, either for myself or for the company. Having spent a satisfying weekend scrubbing my house from top to bottom and intermittently plotting strategies to take the company forward, I intend to put some very firm barriers around myself this week: I shall spend half my time at home and, when I am in the office, I shall concentrate on the enjoyable work of designing with the cabinet makers. If others get cross about this, I shall keep them firmly to naff off – in ever so polite, HR terms, of course!

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