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This weeks top Real Business stories: Extreme luxury and explosive leadership meltdowns

The aforementioned extravagant travel took place on the French slopes. Luxury chalet operator Consensio, which means co-operative, had its name tested during ski season and revealed the most outrageous demands made by guests.

To give you a hint of what to expect, lets just say there are dogs out there that are eating better than you and I.

Elsewhere, following prime minister David Camerons wild rant about journalists setting each others hair on fire , we took a look at the leaders who have had public meltdowns now might be the time to book a holiday if you feel on the verge of a similar breakdown.

We also spoke with four brands and detailed their journeys to become household names, profiled the company producing smarter tea as part of our Microsoft Digital Champions campaign and more.

Catch the full listing, for the week 8-14 April 2016, below:

(1) The most extravagant demands a luxury chalet operator met for travellers during ski season

Revealing its most extravagant requests of the season, Consensio Chalets said guests have asked for everything imaginable from steaks for their pets to private helicopters.

(2) The epic and very public explosive rants of business leaders

We dug up the top public meltdowns of some well-known business leaders and it doesnt get any better than prime minister David Camerons recent rant at reporters.

(3) Want to build a household name These four brands reveal how it can be done

Successfully building business awareness doesnt usually happen overnight, so we asked previous winners of our Everline Future 50 Awards how to become a household brand.

(4) 30 Digital Champions: The smarter tea startup out to be UKs top hot drink challenger brand

Having won awards, government funding and space on supermarket shelves, t plus founder James Dawson told us how the two-person team has achieved scale with the aid of digital services.

(5) The former pro footballer aiming for the back of the net in manufacturing

As the man who prevented the opposition from scoring during his years of service for various teams, Kenny Arthur now hopes to score a goal of his own with his KA Goalkeeping brand.

(6) Top childhood dreams revealed as UK adults name J.K. Rowling most inspiring Brit

A study revealed the top ten dream careers UK adults had as children, and the five living Brits are considered the most inspirational individuals hail J.K. Rowling.

(7) Union Hand-Roasted Coffee founder shows how to grow with integrity, and roast to perfection

Since opening in 2001, Jeremy Torz has garnered enthusiastic fans of his premium-quality beans, but consumers still struggle to differentiate between mass market beans and the good stuff.

(8) Absolute Barrister: Is it time to make lawtech a thing This legal service thinks so

Absolute Barrister co-founder Simon Gittins has suggested it’s time for lawtech to become a thing well, weve got fintech, adtech, edtech and foodtech, so why not

(9) Dearth of UK companies in list of most reputable businesses

UK businesses are losing out on reputation in the home market. Home-domiciled firms, it was revealed, made up just 25 per cent of the top 50 and 41 per cent of the top 150.

(10) Bosses have far more to lose than productivity if they can’t inspire trust

Do your staff fear you If so, it’s likely because theyre stressed and their mental health has been impacted, so now theyre worried about telling you. Its time to build trust.

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