This week?s top Real Business stories: From professional shame to damaged SME retail

There are all sorts of gadgets available now, and we saw how one business executive recently assessed one year of using the Apple Watch to determine whether it?s worthy of enterprise. On the smartphone front, it may have once been cool, but you will want to rethink showing off if you?re the owner of two phones.

Elsewhere, we also revealed that there is indeed life in the business world outside of London and highlighted the four locations that are paving the way. We?ve also included a breakdown of the working from home trend to mark today?s (20 May) National Work From Home Day and how Britain?s leaders reacted to the Queen?s Speech.

Research this week has also revealed that the country?s retail SMEs are at risk of online shoppers who are cheating the system and reducing business profits by over-ordering to capitalise on free returns.

Catch the full listing, for the week 13-19 May 2016, below:

(1) Be warned ? carrying two phones is a social embarrassment

Movies such as Wall Street made oversized phones everlasting icons synonymous with power and finance ? and owning two could have made you godly, but not now.

(2) The four cities leading the business charge outside of London

London will continue to be the centre of enterprise, but we highlighted four cities proving entrepreneurial success can be found outside of the capital.

(3) Swansea City and Southampton top the table of best-paying football clubs

When the country?s leading football teams were analysed for payment for performance and credit risk, fintech firm Ormsby Street found that two lead the way.

(4) The reasons 7.5m UK workers want to swap a pay rise for home working

Why do a quarter of Brits want to snub the opportunity for higher earnings so they can skip going into the office?

(5) Britain?s richest individuals: The battle between entrepreneurs and heirs

Over half of the wealth among the UK?s top 100 richest people is gained through inheritance or climbing the corporate ladder. What does this mean for our entrepreneurs?

(6) Joe Fournier: The millionaire club owner and David Haye-approved pro boxer

For our latest Business Class profile, we hear from a man in the midst of expanding his nightlife, while preparing to fight alongside David Haye at the London O2.

(7) The four Ps of pitching will help you clinch that deal

Here?s a look at how you can sharpen your content and delivery to get that deal over the finishing line with the perfect pitch.

(8) Queen?s speech 2016: UK plc leaders react to announcements

The Queen has given her state opening of parliament speech, during which she spoke of economic recovery and technological advancements, which prompted UK leaders to give their thoughts.

(9) Profits of UK retail SMEs damaged by online shoppers abusing free returns

The rapid rate of returns over the past year has resulted in strained profit margins and operational activities for Britain?s retail SMEs, as consumers have begun abusing the opportunity to return items for free when shopping online.

(10) What does being professional mean to you?

I am guessing that the answer to that question depends much on your age and level of experience. There are many valid definitions of professional behaviour but one thing is for sure ? you know it when you see it!

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