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Three abnormal lurking places for digital fraud

Countless businesses are susceptible to data vulnerability, be it from a planted mole, or a disgruntled employee or someone trying to get a foot-up in their new position.

When it comes to responding to a situation, which includes seeking appropriate legal advice, the most important task at-hand is to secure any or all evidence in a forensically sound manner to enable a full investigation and to prevent data loss.

Normally investigations focus on: a) what activities individuals have undertaken on a computer and; b) whether any data had been transferred from the computer in an unauthorised manner.

However, businesses should be aware that vital data can also lurk outside of these normal places. Below are three examples of investigations that have gone beyond the norm and have been instrumental to legal cases.

The true cost of cyber crime and why SMEs are a target

(1) Skype and WhatsApp

On one occasion, three key people from different countries within our clients business resigned at similar times to join a rival, which subsequently made a sustained effort to penetrate a new market.

The suspects were probably conscious that emails would be monitored and therefore turned to Skypes chat functions. We were able to rebuild their conversations, and found that the dialogue was unguarded and open.

In addition, one of the suspects had synchronised his iPhone with his work computer, creating a backup that allowed his WhatsApp messaging conversations to be recovered and analysed. When this was combined with the Skype data and other nuggets of information, the case unraveled and significant damages were recovered.

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