Three ingenious ways companies used topical tweets

Getting traction on social media often involves taking advantage of topical events. Companies that have are savvy enough to react quickly and promote their own brands have been able to garner a huge amount of attention for very little outlay. Here we take a look at three examples from the last 18 months to give you inspiration for your own social media campaign.

ASDA?s take on Kim Kardashian?s butt

New York City-based pop-culture magazine Paper?s now infamous naked photo shot, in which reality TV star Kim Kardashian appears on the cover pouring champagne into a glass on her butt above the phrase ?break the internet Kim Kardashian?, begins our analysis.

ASDA did a brilliant take on the cover shortly after, hiring a Kardashian lookalike to re-enact the pose above the strapline ?don?t break the budget Pierre Darcys? and advertising the cut-price offer of ?10 for the bubble. The ad took advantage of the power of the meme online and the number of spoofs that have been released on Twitter, which included turning Kim into a Simpsons character, and a?hilarious Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Degeneres Christmas card. ? ?

Oreo?s dunk in the dark Super Bowl tweet

Oreo?s tweet during last year?s super bowl was retweeted over 15,000 times and received multiple awards. It simply read??Power out? No problem? and showed a graphic saying ?you can still dunk in the dark?, reacting to the power outage at the sporting event in New Orleans.?

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When you consider the average the average 30 second Super Bowl spot sells for $3.7m, according to the New York Times, it?s a?hell of an event to leverage?and the?message got a huge amount of press coverage.?

Arby?s asks Pharrell for his hat back

Rapper, record producer and fashion designer Pharrell wore a show-stopping hat, apparently from an early 80s Vivienne Westwood collection, to this year?s Grammy Awards. It may be vintage Westwood, but the hat had a striking resemblance to US burger chain Arby?s logo, leading them to tweet??Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back? #GRAMMYs?.

The message was retweeted over 79,000 and generated a huge amount of media attention for the restaurant. Pharrell even took the time to write a good natured reply, saying ?Y’all tryna start a roast beef??.?

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