Three ways staff recognition can be used to improve wellbeing

Staff recognition

(3) Foster shared values between senior management and frontline employees

Businesses can use staff recognition programmes to break down barriers between its top dogs and its workforce.

At the same time, recognition can give employees purpose through having a better understanding of the company’s vision for the future and the values it holds dear ensuring that they feel that they are contributing to the wider success of the business.

Half of the employees responding to one survey believed being thanked by managers not only improved their relationship but also built trust with their higher-ups.

The recognition platform can function as a vital communications portal to reinforce the business” values.

Senior management might review all the peer-to-peer nominations, identify those that demonstrate best practice in relation to business values or objectives and communicate this good practice across the organisation.

Senior management can also participate directly in providing recognition to these employees, perhaps by giving them public recognition in some way such as inviting a star employee to a senior management restaurant meal.

Measurable improvement

Staff recognition improves mental wellness by reducing stress and providing positive associations with work. It can help give purpose to employees” working lives, especially when used to improve their understanding of organisational values.

Businesses that put in place effective tools for supporting employee well-being will see measurable benefits ranging from improved staff engagement to higher productivity and rates of retention.

Adam Whatling is engagement and technology lead at Love2shop Business Services


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