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Three ways to promote a better work-life balance

A recent survey has revealed that 63 per cent of individuals said they planned to change or improve an aspect of their working life in 2018. With Healthy Body, Happy Me Week taking place on the 5th-9th March, it encourages us to evaluate and improve our work-life balance.

Here we reveal our three expert tips on how to successfully promote a work-life balance in your organisation.

Create a flexible culture

There are many steps you can take to create a flexible workplace culture that enables your employees to balance their work and home life more effectively. If employees feel there is flexibility in their working schedule, they are more likely to ask for flexible hours on occasions where their home life needs their attention, such as if a child is off school, or they have a doctor’s appointment during work hours or a family member has fallen ill.

A flexible culture considerably reduces stress as an employee feels comfortable in confiding in their boss about extenuating circumstances in their home life. Furthermore, being a flexible and supportive employer boosts your employees” loyalty to the organisation. A happy and loyal workforce is key in business as you attract and retain talented employees and reap the benefits of a motivated and productive team.

Encourage your team to exercise

Encouraging your team to exercise either in the workplace, such as a walk during lunchtime, cycling to work, or outside the workplace through offering or promoting local fitness classes, can help keep your workforce on track to mastering a work-life balance. This is particularly important in office work environments where physical activity is limited.

A lack of exercise has been linked to many health problems ranging from diabetes, back pain to heart disease therefore as well as improving your employees” health, encouraging your employees to exercise can reduce the number and cost of work absences and work-related stress in the workplace.

Promote the importace of sleep

A tired workforce will hinder your business’s productivity and customer service considerably, as a business owner or manager it is important this is avoided to maintain your business’s reputation in a competitive marketplace. If a customer has a bad experience due to a tired employee they will be unlikely to repeat purchase and will spread their experience through word of mouth and could even leave a negative review.

Providing a one off sleep workshop or circulating an informative email highlighting the importance of eight hours sleep to your staff including simple tips on how this can be achieved can be the first step in educating your workforce to combat their lack of sleep to prevent these negative repercussions impacting your business.

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