Thursday, 11 June 2009

While running old employee/pal, iinto the ground during her last day, getting every little bit of neglected customer service straightened up, am able to continue to pursue other neglected areas.  Main priority is still to study staff and continue to identify those people falling short on performance (of which there are still a handful), check they have had absolutely every piece of training possible and then give them due warnings.  Accountability is still a battle.  Five shelves went out to a very unhappy customer yesterday and when questioning department as to who checked and wrapped them, mysteriously it was claimed that in the department all five had wrapped one each. If they felt that taking on an entire department would make me hesitate, they were mistaken. With slightly less pressure on me, am able to get the odd bit of creative juice going and thus making a little progress with brochure designs once again for next year. Also pleased to see on the pieces so far, everyone has used my new product development records. Currently in the frustrating state of watching company in home counties reproduce our designs with regularity and finding that quite apart from the enormous costs involved, our records of designing are – in an ideal legal world – a bit short.

Having said that, if we can prove that we have been selling half these pieces for years prior to this lovely little company, I really can’t see where any dispute could lie, but that is lovely legalities for you. 

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