Thursday 13th August

Left hand in foul mood first thing having been assaulted in all directions before he had a chance to breathe. All department heads are given set times for daily meetings with him yet none seem to be able to grasp distinction between what is so urgent that it cannot wait till then – as in a genuine crisis – or just something that they are panicking about.  No-one has panicking down to such a fine art as my staff either – especially the woodworkers.

They seem to be on a real roll of this panic lark at the moment – with result that my outer office which includes left hand is permanently awash in flustered males. When I can bear it no longer I emerge snapping “can I help?” from left to right, which results in a shaking of heads and a clearing of the room at the proverbial rate of knots. 

Apparently, they are all currently questioning why I am on such a short fuse. Curiously, I don’t fancy the idea of left hand going down ill from sheer thoughtless and indulgent hysteria by supposedly grown and responsible team leaders!

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