Thursday, 14 May 2009

Collected my pride and joy, my car, last night. Am still finding out how it all works. Got to approximately three-quarters of a mile from the factory when it comes to a grinding halt, mid junction.

Horror! Realise I’ve done the ultimate idiocy of running out of petrol. I’m stuck. The situation isn’t alleviated by other drivers, who aren’t sympathetic to my hazard lights or hysterical dog and proceed to hoot and wave their fists at me. Have highly horrendous quarter of an hour until relief arrives from work.

Morning not improved by inspecting the accounts, post return of my lady from maternity leave. Her brain appears to have come out with her baby, and accounts are full of errors and production of basic management accounts turns into a major performance. I get snappy, she has hysterics and much time is lost.

Know have handled it badly which does nothing to improve humour but I do wish people would just be capable of saying, “Sorry, I ballsed up”.

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