Thursday, 16 July 2009

Still in mood of optimism despite swine flu and other trials. Good day spent making some real progress.

Started with our management and ISO monthly meet. Just me, left hand and my two panda bears now (my mascots in my office: 2 pandas given to me one each by left and right hand from WWF). Seems extremely strange after having a larger management team in years go by.  However – strange though it might be – the reports are showing that we are achieving more than the larger team ever did. Customer complaints way down and profits good for second month running, despite this year’s lower turnover. Finally, on to newly-re-started coaching with left hand. If right hand always tended to be like Tigger, left tends more to be like a hugely intelligent Eyore. Very hard to get him to take pleasure from our achievements as tends to believe that we will revert to disasters at any minute.  Launch into first section of training programme: culture and staff motivation. Having swapped from our totally staff orientated approach where management got totally walked over, to a harsher regime where we have some control, this section as always produces some extremely healthy debate as to how much the good life for the staff is valuable to the company.

Old hippy that I am, I still want everyone and everything to be good to each other while left hand is a little more grounded. By the end of the day, am exhausted and also realise that, as usual, to some extent I have been had, and some of argument has been purely for sake of it – good mental stimulation though.

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