Thursday, 2 April 2009

Greenness still has that slightly hippy do-gooder image. I think the biggest issue is that green is simply not sexy.

An eco-architect friend finally initiated me into the genuine severity of the issues last year and I did develop some degree of genuine moral consciousness on the subject.  Starting with some verve, I came up against the tremendous lack of clarity and differences of opinion as to what is and isn’t green. What I fondly imagined were little gems of greenness in some new product were quickly shot down as some vital factor in the chain that meant that particular product was actually bright red – or equivalent.  

Initially-sceptical sales crew now aware of selling potential and agitating to up our environmental policy (have they even read it?) to include ISO level 14000 so that they can include this in our KSPs. Probing deeper, I gather that this is possible to achieve without being anything near a purist’s idea of green, and cynicism continues to grow. Cynicism also fanned by some big companies, clearly supplying a very non-green product, yet somehow managing to focus advertising on being eco-friendly.

Need to do our ISO audit today and tomorrow, and vision of upping levels of work involved probably not helping either.


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