Thursday, 23 July 2009

1 Mins

Wistfully thinking of my wish for a quiet July and August in which to recoup some strength as instead I am trying to find an additional week within a week to attempt to recruit for our three vacancies. Ever since ad appeared in paper a week ago, CVs have been flooding in, and I have diligently scored 50 plus. Offered first round telephone interviews to about 15 for the two sales positions and set up some eight interviews to date. Ironically, so far only turned down a couple on telephone interview as not suitable, in that simply not had opportunity to do more.  Most still do not bother to follow up sending the CV in with a call despite an e-mail request to do so, and interview wise we are currently running at a 50 per cent turn-up rate. Continue to square my shoulders and tell myself that each job only needs one right applicant

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