Thursday, 26 March 2009

1 Mins

It’s fractionally late in day… crosses my mind that it’s very essential management are on same page as to what we want . Strategic planning out of date on two counts: a) because old plans somewhat put to one side for re-adjustments for both recession and major changes in direction in my own head in last year; b) because right-hand and left-hand management now trusted and respected enough to have say in future of company. Slightly difficult to achieve as one half done in office and other by e-mail with sales manager still off with foot in air; we’re each doing our own priorities coupled with specific  goals and averaging scores. To my delight, we are very much all on same page – seriously committed to business with seriously improved and retained profits, aimed at expanding fairly steadily again both home and abroad in next five years. Bring it on!

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“Manufacturing and export will save Britain”
“Gissa job, Brown!”
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