Time for a change…

Think finally, just maybe, continual pushing by my business coach – not to mention one or two friends – is starting to ring changes in my head.   Massive brainstorming session with self this weekend, adding in factors of past three weeks’ production having slipped back to one of our all-time lows (just because Second-in-Command and I had to take eyes off the game to do end-of-year duties); son’s still imminent, though not happening, departure to travel the world for a few years leaving me with totally empty nest; and the fact that, actually, I am entitled to some quality of life and do have freedom to make choices.      Resulted in my requesting staff meeting for 9am this morning and breaking news to said staff that I am not under contract for life to stay and provide for them like their mummy but that, in fact, from now on, expect them to turn things around for themselves, for business to start paying off my original investment, for them to appreciate that, if it wasn’t for me, they wouldn’t have a job. And, most shocking of all, that, generally, if I am not enjoying life here, I will, in the not-too-distant future, push off and enjoy it somewhere else (either by dint of selling, putting manager in or whatever).   Included in this was coach’s homework of the month – actually vocalising the concept that I had achieved something by starting this business from nothing. Not something I normally think about, nor really believe myself – let alone say out loud. Concept of doing so had sounded unbelievably cringeworthy but actually have to admit that, now done, I feel quite empowered. 

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