Time is right for HayMax to export

Wiseberg started selling his products on the internet in 2005 but is now stocked in a range of retail outlets from independent health food stores to the likes of Tesco and Waitrose. “This year, we’re working on export,” he says.

“I didn’t want anything to do with exports until I really knew what we were doing in England. We had to get the business working right and know the formula for how it works here before doing it abroad.”

Wiseberg is using the UKTI to establish HayMax in overseas markets. He says: “We’re on the Passport to Export programme so we’re hoping that will be a significant help. So far they’ve been supportive and we’re hoping to get some grant aid from them. It seems to be a very useful resource.”

He’s going to try to crack Europe first (“Probably Germany, Spain and the Scandinavian countries to start with,” Wiseberg says) before venturing to the US.

“We’d love to go to America but we’re being a little bit cautious,” he says. “America isn’t so simple. It’s lots of different states, not one big country. You can’t go to one distributor and have the States covered. There’s quite a lot to do.”

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