Tips to draw the right audience to an event

Clearly, this is an exaggeration, but in the aftermath of a poor turnout wouldn?t you wish you had done something different? Well, read on for a few of those things you could have done differently to get yourself the crowd you wanted.

Know your audience

This doesn?t just mean you should know what age group or what demographic or what professionals you want at your event; this means you should know as much about them as you can so you can target them in the most effective way possible. Each audience operates differently and has different behaviors, such as the publications they read or where they spend most of their time, so you need to hone in on those specifics and focus your efforts on advertising in those places. Place magazine ads or post on website forums or stick up flyers at local bars, just as long as the people you want the event to attract will be there to see it. Planning an event is as much about optimising the efficiency of your budget as it is getting people there, so don?t waste time and resources bird watching when you?re looking to find gold.


How do you advertise the event now that you?ve figured out where to find them? If all else fails, just keep giving them reasons to put down in their pros column. Everyone makes a pros and cons list when deciding to go to an event, either mentally or actually. What you want to do is put as many pros on that advertisement as you can to entice them over to your event. 

Make raffles, say there?ll be prizes, consider hiring a prominent conference speaker like Lord Robert Winston or Josh Spear, advertise the dinner, mention DJs or bands that will be there, donate the proceeds to charity. Really get out there and show the people everything they can expect to get from the event and, of course, follow through with it. It doesn?t matter how many people come to your event, if they all leave immediately once they realize that that live Bon Jovi performance at the Ritz Carlton you advertised is actually your brother, Timmy?s, Amish Pop band in the lobby of a Motel 6.

Theme it

No matter how serious the event (barring conferences featuring prominent international leaders, obviously) it?s never too serious for a theme. Themes are fun, and people like themes, and people like going to places that have a theme. Why, the theme of this article is giving tips to readers to help them bring an audience to their event, and that certainly brought YOU here. Figure out what your desired audience likes and then cater to serve. Themes also make planning much easier, because once you have a theme, you can arrange all the fun and features around it.

To attract your target audience you need to know your target audience, and by understanding where they look to get news and event information you can effectively focus your advertisement budget in that direction and get the most bang for your buck. Just make sure that when you?re advertising you let people know exactly why they want to come to your event instead of going elsewhere on their Saturday night, and do yourself the favor of coming on hard. Go ahead, flaunt that you?re hiring a prominent celebrity speaker; there is no such thing as oversell for your event! By following these tips you should have no problem pulling a successful turnout, and that opera house will be fully refurbished and operational before you know it.

Peter Davidson is a business analyst who loves to share entrepreneurship and marketing secrets with the world. Overcoming Business challenges is his passion and he aspires to reach at the highest rung of this field.

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