Top 10 “dream” office items your employees want

A luxury coffee maker, massaging chairs and Apple computers have made it into the top 10 items most wished for in a dream office, according to a new survey of 500 employees.

Nearly nine in ten employees listed a luxury coffee maker as the number one choice of item that would make it into their dream workspace, saying that a barista-standard device would be a must.

A similarly large 82 per cent of workers said that their dream office would include massaging chairs to help relieve some of their workplace stress, while a tech-savvy 76 per cent believed top of the range Apple computers would be an essential part of their perfect office.

Here is the top ten most-desired items in an employee’s dream office:

  1. Luxury coffee maker
  2. Massaging chair
  3. Apple computer
  4. Individual/personalised parking space
  5. Snack vending machine
  6. Good air conditioning 
  7. Breakout zone with beanbags
  8. Green, living plants
  9. Wine and beer fridge
  10. Individual foot spas
“It’s really interesting to see which features made the top ten,” says a spokesperson for, which commissioned the survey. “It just goes to show how highly workers prioritise good coffee.

?It is always a good idea for employers to incorporate some creature comforts in an office, as a happy staff are often a more productive staff.”

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