Top 10 must dos for first-time exporters

6. Consider your brand

What works in the UK may not work abroad. Why not take advantage of the excellent reputation British products enjoy overseas by incorporating “British-ness” into your brand to give it the edge over its local counterparts?

7. Ask: “Is the price right?” 

Your product?s perfect price point will differ from country to country, and getting it right is absolutely crucial to securing both distributors and customers. Don’t forget to factor in additional transport costs and exchange rates to keep your margins healthy.

8. Get accustomed to customs 

This is a crucial but often overlooked step when exporting. Customs regulations can vary a lot from country to country and checking early on in the process if there are barriers to your product could save you a lot of time and effort.

9. Think like a local

Getting to grips with a new culture isn’t just an enlightening personal experience, it’s fundamental to the success of your product. In some places, haggling can make a deal, in others it can break one. Getting to know the local business culture helps you understand what makes the people tick allowing harmonious and productive relationships to flourish.

10. Logistics is a lot more than just “A to B” 

Whoever transports your goods overseas, make sure you make the most of them by tapping into their expertise. The right logistics firm can offer you invaluable advice on navigating customs and give you an insight into which market may be right for you.

Trevor Hoyle is vice president for FedEx Express UK & Ireland.

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