Top 10 tips on how to get ahead with social commerce

6. Make use of the social buttons 

Many of the social platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are now introducing “buy now” buttons which allow customers to make purchases through the platforms, as opposed to being directed through a link to a website. This heightens the customer experience whilst generating sales for businesses. 

However, brands must ensure that buy buttons are only being used where appropriate and this should be determined by the customer and where they choose to spend their money.

7. Exclusivity

This is a word which instantly attracts attention. Providing exclusive content via the social channels will generate followers, likes, click-throughs, reach, awareness and ultimately sales.

8. Be subtle

Avoid aggressive selling. Social media is there to connect you with your customers and form meaningful relationships which may or may not lead to sales. 

If your target audience feel like they are being pressured to make a purchase, or bombarded with sales messages, then they will most likely avoid your brand in the future. Generating trust and loyalty should always be the priority over making a quick sale.

9. Create a visual impact

Research indicates that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Furthermore, 40 per cent of people respond well to a picture when compared to text. 

To improve engagement by over 65 per cent, businesses should use photographs and videos to communicate with their target audience.

10. Remember it’s SOCIAL Commerce 

To sell successfully through social channels, brands need to remember the social aspect of social media. 

The idea is to use e-commerce to enhance the social aspects of your social media presence – namely the personality you’ve created behind your brand. People are more likely to become loyal customers if they identify with you, find what you talk about interesting and relevant to them. 

So don’t forget to ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Comment’, ‘Retweet’ and ‘Review’ alongside your s-commerce as often as you can. 

Rene Looper is founder and managing director of Tuminds.

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