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Top 10 UK business podcasts for entrepreneurs

Top 10 UK business podcasts for entrepreneurs

Do you ever find yourself with some time to spare in the evenings or on your commute Podcasts are great gap-fillers, and because they are great for passive listening, they can be listened to while you clean your house, drive your car, walk your dog etc.

There is a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, and entertainment that can be found in business-related podcasts. As an entrepreneur, you can often feel isolated in what you do, and listening to business podcasts by other business owners will help you feel more connected to the network of entrepreneurs in the UK. Some podcasts focus on interviewing successful business owners and getting them to divulge their tricks of the trade, while other podcasts focus on tales of trial and tribulations in the business world, as well as entrepreneurial trends and opportunities.

Want to start listening to some inspirational, informative and interesting podcasts but not sure where to get started Here are 10 fantastic podcasts for entrepreneurs in the UK.

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Enigmatic and entertaining host, Guy Raz, explores the beginnings of some of the world’s most famous enterprises. Raz’s narration is lively and engaging, and he tells stories of inventors and entrepreneurs alike. He also interviews and converses with a wide array of different business owners, diving into where they came from and how they got to where they are today. He interviews a wide variety of business owners and an impressive amount of female entrepreneurs. Some of the best episodes include the owners of Glossier, Dyson, Away and Stacey’s Pita Chips.

This podcast, which offers many hours worth of content, really provides something for everyone and is sure to inspire you to keep up creativity and innovation on your own entrepreneurial path.

My First Million

Have you ever fantasised about the feeling of making your first million pounds” This podcast hosted by Shaan Puri and Sam Parr, who are all about spreading entrepreneurial knowledge and celebrating entrepreneurial successes. You definitely won’t be made to feel bad about having dreams about becoming a millionaire. My First Million has been met with much success in the business world and by schemers and dreamers alike.

The hosts are not just hosts but have founded successful businesses themselves, which gives them an insider’s perspective into the UK’s entrepreneurial scene. Not only do they interview successful business people, but they also provide their thoughts and opinions and report on the latest business news.

Business Wars

Business Wars is unlike any other business podcast out there. What happens on the podcast is that two competing industry giants are pitted against each other in a detailed study of each other’s successes. The podcast is hosted by the wonderful David Brown, who has seen much success of his own, being the former anchor on The Marketplace. He has the gift of the gab as well as a true passion and understanding for business.

Titles include things like Nike vs Adidas, McDonald’s vs KFC, Facebook vs Snapchat, and so many more! In these in-depth, exceptionally well-researched podcasts, you’ll get to pick up interesting facts, marketing techniques, and the battle tactics used by these mega-companies. You’ll understand the massive impact that these companies, and their battles amongst each other, have on our everyday lives.

Once you start getting into it, Business Wars can definitely start getting addictive as each episode seems to be even better than the last.

Wake Up to Money

This podcast is an early morning broadcast on BBC Radio 5. The live broadcast takes place every weekday at 5 am and is the ideal way to kickstart your brain for the day. As well as reporting the UK domestic business news, the host, Sean Farrington, also interviews business owners, academic experts, and company execs. Whatever the focus of the show, it is always interesting, and there is something new to look forward to each day. While there is an emphasis on UK news, major international stories also come into play from time to time.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or business person to enjoy this podcast. Almost anyone who is interested in success stories and current events would get a lot out of listening to this broadcast, so don’t forget to tune in at 5 am.

Business Casual

Hosted by Kinsey Grant, one of the writers of The Morning Brew, this podcast truly delivers in terms of execution and entertainment factors. Grant sits down with various industry professionals and discusses with them the scope of their particular niche. They discuss current news, various challenges and legal issues facing industries in the UK. Some titles include “Authors are taking matters into their own hands’ and ‘Our economy needs workers to learn new skills’. Grant acts as an objective base point for many controversial and challenging topics.

This podcast is fantastic for picking up on what is going on in your industry as well as adjacent industries, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and act accordingly.

This is definitely a podcast to keep an eye (or ear) on in 2021 and beyond!

Start Up

While this is an American-based podcast, it still proves to be very interesting and useful for the British entrepreneur. The show is hosted by Lisa Chow and Alex Blumberg and is nothing short of exceptionally entertaining. The show focuses on what it is really like to start a business in this day and age and the challenges and milestones new business owners can expect to experience along the way. The podcast is produced by Gimlet Media and the first season focuses on the origins of Gimlet Media. The second season takes a deep dive into Dating Ring, a successful dating website. The third season changes things up by zooming in on one specific business per episode.

This podcast proves to be adaptable, flexible, and completely relevant to the budding business owner. The hosts are true professionals and always keep things interesting.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

If you like the idea of shaking up an industry and being somewhat of a game-changer, this is the business podcast for you. The podcast is hosted by Rob Moore and provides an interview-style set-up, similar to many of the other podcasts on this list. But what makes this podcast stand out is the weekly episodes take a look at truly disruptive and innovative entrepreneurs that have done things a little differently from the rest. The guests come from the fields of entertainment, literature, media, culture and even sports. There is an episode to suit every type of entrepreneur and person interested in business.

There is no shortage of laughs in this podcast that has proved to be exceptionally successful in the short time that it has been running. With a podcast every week, there is always something to look forward to.

The Pitch

Have you ever watched Dragon’s Den” This podcast follows a very similar structure where someone that has an interesting idea for a business or product comes onto the podcast and presents their idea. They are met with interest and critique from a live panel of investors, who may choose to invest in the idea on the spot based on the info brought forward by the entrepreneur. Things can get quite heated, and there is definitely no shortage of drama on The Pitch.

This podcast is definitely quite different to many of the other podcasts listed in this article. The cherry on the top is the fact that it’s hosted by the wonderful Josh Muccio.

The Tim Ferris Show

If we’re going to talk about popular business podcasts, we definitely can’t leave out The Tim Ferris Show. Hosted by Tim Ferris himself, this podcast has received over 400 million downloads! The main appeal to this podcast is the fact that Ferris is able to secure interviews with massive public figures such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Marc Andreessen. Tim Ferris is a well-respected entrepreneur and author in his own right, so his insight and knowledge in these interview settings really do show through.

This is definitely one of the most popular podcasts of all time and is highly recommended for entrepreneurs looking to gain a little inspiration from the big players in the game. Stay ahead of the game by gaining info about the tips and tricks of the most successful people in the world. This is definitely one of Tim Ferris’s most celebrated enterprises.

Hashtag Authentic

Every entrepreneur would benefit from a little extra insight into the world of social media and online marketing, and this is where the Hashtag Authentic podcast serves a huge purpose. The monthly podcast hosted by Sara Tasker features successful Instagrammers and bloggers that share their insider tips for making in the world of digital and social media marketing. No matter your business idea, you’ll need to have a comprehensive understanding of online marketing in order to get your product or service out there in the global spotlight. 

Business podcasts can be an incredible source of knowledge and entertainment for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs. Listen alone or with friends, and enjoy!


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