Top 5 tips for hiring millennials

“When I was a kiddie, no one questioned the hours. When you went for an interview you never asked how much you were going to get paid, you just hoped that you?d get the job,” mused celebrity chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White recently.?

“Today,” he concluded, “Everyone wants success quickly.?

White?s sentiment will be shared by many business owners seeing a confident and ambitious new generation come into its own.?

The millennials ? today?s twenty and thirty-somethings coming into the jobs market ? have been called many things, from tech-savvy to tech-obsessed, from ambitious to entitled. They are a diverse group but one thing is certain: millennials are set to?be an ever-growing presence in the workplace.?

No company, big or small, can afford to ignore this group but how can they sort the myths from reality and hire top millennial talent???

Here are five top tips based on our research into the ways different generations approach work that will help through the process. ?

1. Use social media ? but don?t overestimate it

Unsurprisingly, millennials are more likely than any generation before them to use social media to learn about organisations. However, seeing is not always believing for this generation.?

In fact, less than a third (29 per cent) actually trust the information they receive through social channels.?

Job seekers still place the most trust in friends and family when looking for jobs, so more traditional channels such as referral programs and careers websites are still a decisive factor.?

2. Don?t stop at getting the CVs through the door

Although millennials participate in the same number of job interviews as candidates from other generations, they receive 12.5 per cent more offers; so the competition doesn?t stop after you attract their application.?

If you don?t want to be settling for the second or third-best candidate time and time again, you have to think about the candidate experience.?

The vibe in the office on interview days, the friendly receptionists, and quick feedback during the selection process will all make a difference.?


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