Top body language mistakes during interviews

What do you hate the most when interviewing a prospective employee? 

A new survey reveals the top ten body language mistakes that job seekers make during job interviews.

The biggest body language turnoffs in job interviews are:

  1. Failure to make eye contact ? 83 per cent
  2. Weak handshake ? 54 per cent
  3. Failure to smile ? 48 per cent
  4. Crossing their arms over their chest ? 41 per cent
  5. Playing with something on the table ? 40 per cent
  6. Playing with their hair or touching their face ? 36 per cent
  7. Fidgeting too much in their seat ? 34 per cent
  8. Bad posture ? 32 per cent
  9. Using too many hand gestures ? 13 per cent
  10. Handshake that is too strong ? 6 per cent
?Employers are evaluating the whole package during job interviews and the non-verbal cues job candidates give can be very influential on the hiring decision,? said Tony Roy, president of CareerBuilder EMEA, which conducted the survey.  

In terms of the factors that make bosses more likely to hire, a sense of humour comes out on top, followed by being well-dressed, a candidate involved in his/her community, being knowledgeable of current affairs, being physically fit, speaking another language, and being involved in social media.

What are your bug bears when hiring? Ever had a disaster interview? Leave your comments below.

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