Top business meeting trends for 2014

1. Lightening speed

Highly effective wifi is the number one issue for planning professionals and conferees in the business meetings of today. Conferees often bring up to three wireless devices per attendee so greater bandwidth is a necessity to drive multiple devices.

2. Demand trends up

As the economy pics up so does meeting demand. Short term bookings may still be prevalent, but the booking demand window is stretching into 2015 and beyond.

3. Creating the unique experience

Unique experiences are an increasing factor when planning a business meeting destination. Properties partnering with local assets such as historic wonders, wineries, dinner venues and adventure resources are the most sought-after.

4. Social Media

There is a rise in meeting-specific property apps tailored to optimise communication during the planning and implementation phases, while Twitter and LinkedIn are increasingly used for communication during meetings.

5. Health Conscious

2014 is all about health and variety when it comes to food and drinks. Conferees want value and healthy choices instead of pre-ordered menu options. Creative spa breaks may substitute for refreshment breaks, as well as ten minute Yoga sessions.

6. Teambuilding climbs back

Groups are looking for ways to motivate, inspire and build camaraderies as the business environment continues to improve.


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