The top five things to look for in new team members

When searching for new team members, anyone can read a job description and figure out whether they?ve got what it takes to suit a role in theory.

That means having the right qualifications, experience working in similar environments?or specific know-how when it comes to software or design programmes.?

But, as many of you will know, a job is a lot more than a list of qualities and qualifications. That’s why we ve had a good think about what is important to look for in new?team members, above and beyond what you could ever read in a job description.

(1) A genuine passion for the industry

We know, we know. This one is hardly surprising. But it’s no secret that employees love their work more, feel motivated and produce better work if they genuinely feel passionate?about the industry they?re working in and feel a motivation to improve it. ?

Whether you’re hiring a mobile app developer or a marketing manager, it is important that your new team members live and breathe their practice.

There’s nothing worse than an employee?who just churns through each day until 5pm. Look for someone who is constantly thinking about ways to innovate or improve what they do.


(2) A love for building long-lasting relationships with clients, partners and suppliers

We know that as an agency, we are only as good as our clients after all, without them we wouldn?t exist. And that’s why our relationship with each and every client we have?is important to us.?

Look for new team members who understand the importance of client and partner relationships. Demand great communication skills, a dedication to research and the ability to learn and grow?as they find out more and more about the kinds of people and companies you work with.

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