Top five weirdest eBay items

Here’s our top five:

1. The Great Illinois Corn Flake: Discovered by sisters Emily and Melissa McIntire from Virginia when they were spooning down their brekkie, bids for the Illinois-shaped Kellogg’s Frosted Flake have already reached a head-spinning £100k.

2. The holy toastie: A decade-old cheese sarnie bearing a fuzzy image of the Virgin Mary received over 1.7 million hits on the auction site and fetched £14k.

3. Colleen’s cakes: Rooney’s other half celebrated her 21st birthday bash at Thornton Manor in Wirral last year. A few days after the shindig, her birthday cakes showed up on eBay with bids reaching £1,200.

4. A student’s virginity: A 19-year-old uni student put his cherry up for sale on eBay for £6k. Sadly, the auction site pulled the sexual ad down before he got a chance to do the deed.

5. Britney’s chewing gum: A piece of gum which had been chewed up and spat out by the American pop princess outside London’s Sanderson hotel found its way onto eBay. Bids from (clearly deranged) fans reached £790.

What other weird and wonderful items have showed up on eBay” Add your comments below.

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