Top six wackiest customs regulations

Exporting and sending products to customers can always be a bit tricky ? but disaster can strike when your next big export market happens to ban the import of your product.

Here are DHL Express’s top six quirky customs to watch out for:

  • Import of dental products to Algeria are prohibited
  • A license is needed to import tents into Jordan
  • Nigeria rejects the import of wheelbarrows and plastic flowers
  • Artwork destined for Armenia can only be sent to companies, not to individuals
  • Maps are not allowed on diaries and GPS systems going into Argentina
  • No matching pairs of shoes can be sent to South Africa, Mexico or India
?Commenting on the list, Phil Couchman, CEO of DHL Express UK says: “Many?customs regulations are based on local and political issues which can be difficult for a UK small business to anticipate and prepare for, for instance ? Morocco bans the import of maps not complying with Moroccan border territory in the Sahara Desert.

“Just because we live in a globalised world of international trade doesn?t mean that quirky customs won?t stop you getting your product to market. Not knowing these details could mean the difference between making a sale and winning in brand new markets.”

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