Top ten Blackberry apps to beat the ash cloud

With most business guys and gals still using a Blackberry (although the next Apple iPhone OS4 could change this), we thought we’d take a look through the Blackberry app shop to see how we could help get you home quicker.

Top ten apps to beat the ash cloud:

1. Sixt Rent a Car: If you’re sick of sitting around waiting for the next available flight, you could always just hire a car and drive back. Sixt Rent a Car allows you to reserve your car remotely from one of its 3,500 locations, confirming your car via text message and e-mail. Plus for any entrepreneurs that need to get from Heathrow or Manchester to Germany, Sixt are offering a special one-way discounted deal.

2. HRS Hotel Organiser: Can’t get out or drive back and need somewhere to stay? Check out HRS Hotel Organiser, which trawls through 230,000 hotels worldwide to find you the best deals and availability. You can even use your phone’s GPS to locate the nearest hotel.

3. TelMap Navigator: If you’re stuck in that remote Serbian village (as was Stuart Rock, our editorial director), use TelMap Navigator as your sat-nav, helping get you around, or find local businesses. You can even just type in “pizza” if you’re hungry, and it will direct you to the nearest Italian restaurants. 

4. Reuters News Pro: For the latest news on the ash cloud, check out Reuters News Pro, which gives you instant access to breaking news. It also covers business news in detail, and you can download most stories for offline reading, too.

5. Twitter: Twitter for Blackberry allows you to keep up to date with your Twitter feed, and get direct messages pushed to you as soon as they arrive. As well as giving you access to all of Twitter’s functionality, you can also take pictures with your phone and upload them directly. For updates on the ash, make sure you search for #ashtag.

6. WorldMate Live: This app gives you instant access to all of your trip details. Covering itineraries, weather updates and currency converters, this one will help you get back. You can also sync it between your phone and your Outlook calender, so you can keep on top of all those meetings you’ve had to reschedule. You can even get flight alerts pushed to your phone, so you know when and where you can catch a flight home.

7. VNC+: This app gives you remote access and control to your desktop computer – useful to check things stored on your computer while you’re stuck outside of Britain.

8. Blackberry Messenger: You can also keep up to date with your family, friends and colleagues by using Blackberry’s instant messenger programme, chatting live with other Blackberry users. The app’s group-chat function can even be used to take part in those work meetings you’re missing.

9. WiFiCafeSpots: This app helps you find the nearest cafés or restaurants with free wifi hotspots. It lists over 14,000 locations across Europe and the world, stored locally on your phone so you don’t even have to be connected to the internet. You can also use your phone’s GPS to locate the nearest free wifi.

10. ProOnGo Expense Beta: Use this app to track your mileage and expenses accurately. It allows you to capture receipts via the camera, which can be e-mailed or exported to your finance department or PA.

Most of these apps can be downloaded directly from your Blackberry by accessing Blackberry’s App World.

Good luck!

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