Top ten business irritants for finance directors

More than 500 FDs were surveyed in August-September 2008 to ascertain their worst business irritants.

The top ten irritants are:

1. Junk email and post, and CC mail: 14.1 per cent 2. The volume, intrusion and constant changing of regulations: 14 per cent 3. The complexity of the taxation system: 11 per cent4. Generally economic instability and poor trading conditions: 7.8 per cent5. Bad debts – chasing clients for payment: 7.5 per cent6. Funding issues due to the credit crunch: 7.3 per cent7. Staffing and other recruitment issues (and irritation with recruitment agencies): 6.25 per cent 8. Pushy sales people and cold calling: 4.68 per cent 9. Fluctuations in energy prices: 3.125 per cent =10. Parent company expectations: 3 per cent =10. House banks not understanding my business: 3 per cent

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