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Top ten misleading adverts

Mmm, Nutella. That chocolatey goodness. Packed with the essential vitamins and nutrients to get you through the day. Whoops. Did we say that out loud

Ferrero, which manufactures the spread, came under fire for insinuating that the chocolate product, containing 100 calories and 6g of fat per teaspoon, can be a healthy start to the day.

"Nutella releases energy slowly, so it can be part of a balanced breakfast," says the advert.

The watchdog disagreed. The ad has been canned.

A new website dedicated to the various health benefits of including Nutella as part of a balanced diet is unsurprisingly, currently unavailable.

Here are some other other corking cock-ups from the advertising archives.


Chainsaw Charlie needs to go to the gymThis gem was banned after only two airings when folk complained about the inference that Nike clothing could help you escape psycho killers. The advert is a parody of the Friday 13th films, featuring a helpless hottie getting ready for the bath. Suddenly, a chainsaw-wielding maniac jumps out of the shadows and the chase is on. But here’s the rub. The hottie’s wearing Nike so, naturally, the bad guy ends up eating dust and having an asthma attack.

RB rather likes this one. Create a buzzIngvar Kamprad, whatever were you thinking” Vibrators and children never a mainstream advert make. A cute dimply child happens upon a vibrator and, logically, thinks it’s some kind of rocket ship. Watching the little tyke playing with the thing is cringe-worthy, to say the least. But the tagline, “Tidy up!”, followed by a slideshow of storage units, is simply inspired. Ultimate art wankWhile this isn’t a misleading advert per se, the ad campaign for Tom Ford’s recently launched fragrance for men (careful, it’s a bit rude) sparked an avalanche of ridicule for being so completely over the top. In fact, one mock-happy web designer posted a riposte. To see his (hilarious) version of the original, click here.

Mastercard ad Priceless

In terms of brand building, the "There are some things money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s Mastercard" line is a master stroke. However, this particular release by the card company takes that phrase to a whole new level.Check it out.

Agent Provocateur” More Belle de Jour

Kylie. You are truly a most wonderful specimen of womanhood. Which is doubtless why Agent Provocateur chose you to head up their ad campaign. However, this erotic feast for the senses is slightly beyond the pale. Minogue, wearing only some very dainty smalls, appears astride a velvet rodeo simulator. She thrashes about for a bit, moaning, before dismounting and eye-balling the viewer, “Would all the gentlemen in the audience please stand up?” she purrs.

“I thought not.”

Further viewing: my personal favourite (doesn’t this guy look just like Spud from Trainspotting?)

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