Top ten networking tips

Mike Segall founded The Business Resources Group in 2007. It is the first group of its kind that proactively markets its members. Segall himself is a networking wizard, with a personal network of over 20,000 people. Here are his ten top tips:-

1. Be there. If you are in the room, be in the room. Try to make contact with as many people as possible.

2. Be more interested in listening to others than talking yourself. This is not always an easy skill to master, but it is one that is sure to win you friends – and ultimately, business.

3. Understand that asking questions makes you a more interesting person.

4. Be genuinely enthusiastic about people’s ideas and plans. They are likely to be in the same position as you, and will appreciate your feedback.5. Be concise, clear and compelling when you speak.

6. Follow up promptly with contacts that you make. The longer you leave this, the harder it will be to keep the momentum going.

7. Give unconditionally; don’t think about what you might gain before you give.

8. Be a connector. Freely introduce people to each other – this is what networking is all about.

9. Understand that networking is not about selling, but about establishing relationships.10. Appreciate that people do business with those that they like, trust and respect.

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