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Top ten: The highest paying companies in the UK

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Bringing together companies from the technology, banking and consultancy sectors, employer review website Glassdoor found that the best ten paying companies range from 73,000 a year to 90,000 a year.

In examining why technology companies led the way with five entrants, Glassdoor chief economist Andrew Chamberlain said it comes down to shortages of the highest-skilled employees. Booming demand on a global scale for software engineers, database administrators and data scientists has far outpaced the supply of these skilled, hard-to-find employees,” he said.

“With tech companies scrambling to poach these valuable workers from competitors, a bidding war has pushed tech salaries to unprecedented heights in recent years.

The only UK-headquartered company to make the list was Nomura International, a division of Japanese organisation Nomura Group which pays a median total compensation of 74,990 (including things like bonuses).

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Banks still continue to pay large salaries, with Chamberlain attributing this to the sizeable profits a talented banker can produce.

In return, they can often be generously compensated for their deals as part of their bonus incentive programme,” he added. Theres also a theory that pay in the industry is high because of the stress associated with these jobs. Protracted hours, high stress and big risks mean workers demand a premium in these roles.

The highest paid British positions can be found at German software company SAP which dishes out pay checks averaging out at 90,000.

(1) SAP
Median total compensation: 90,000
Median base salary: 75,000

(2) EMC
Median total compensation: 86,500
Median base salary: 70,000

(3) McKinsey & Company
Median total compensation: 85,499
Median base salary: 78,000

(4) Boston Consulting Group
Median total compensation: 83,311
Median base salary: 80,000

(5) Facebook
Median total compensation: 79,500
Median base salary: 68,420

(6) Deutsche Bank
Median total compensation: 75,000
Median base salary: 65,000

(7) Nomura International
Median total compensation: 74,990
Median base salary: 65,000

(8) Cisco Systems
Median total compensation: 74,000
Median base salary: 58,952.5

(9) Google
Median total compensation: 73,300
Median base salary: 60,225

(10) BNP Paribas
Median total compensation: 73,000
Median base salary: 62,000

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