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Top ten tips for buyers

1.    Always say "no" first. If you say "yes" right away you have given away value to the supplier. You have to assume that they have left room to negotiate their offer.2.    Never show enthusiasm in front of a supplier. If you show enthusiasm the supplier will take advantage of you and not offer you the best possible deal.3.    Always talk price and margin. No matter how many features and benefits the supplier offers you, only talk about price and margin. Do not give the supplier an opportunity to justify a better price or margin for a specific reason. Tell them you are not interested in what is so special about the product or promotion the suppler is offering, you are only comparing prices with competitive offerings.4.    Consistently ask for the impossible. A supplier’s confidence will be undermined when you never seem to be satisfied with whatever offer is put in front of you. In order to "please you" the supplier’s initial offer will already be a good one, because they know what reaction they will get from you.5.    Tell them: “You will have to significantly improve your offer”. Always expect the supplier to have plenty of room to negotiate. Tell them to give all of that up right away.6.    Always be someone’s second fiddle. Always make it clear that you report to someone above you who has set you clear goals and objectives. Even if you would personally like the offer, you would still have to answer to someone higher up.7.    Never close a deal without getting something in return. Make it known that you are doing the supplier "a favour" by accepting their offer, you expect them to do something extra in return.8.    Play the "good cop, bad cop" card. Work in pairs and confuse the supplier by each behaving very differently. One plays the ‘good cop’ who is open to reason while the other is completely unreasonable and demands outrageous things from the supplier.9.    Use the salami-slicing tactic – break everything down. Never accept a package deal, judge every component on its own merit and negotiate each item separately.10.     Use the Columbo tactic. After the supplier thinks they have closed the deal and have given everything they are prepared to give, ask for something new or extra. Nine out of ten times they will give in to save the bigger deal. Peter Brook heads REL Sales Consulting and is author of the recently published book, “Turn Your Sales Force into Profit Heroes” published by Infinite.Related articles"He’s dead tight but he’s the right man to hold the purse strings"Ten ways to cut your costsHow to raise money in a downturn

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