Top tips for successfully expanding your growing business

Employ passionate people

I firmly believe that passion?not just qualifications?is what makes any job candidate employable. Especially in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, a willingness to learn and a genuine interest in the work are essential to producing optimal results.

At Mediaworks, we offer internships and apprenticeships so that we can identify people with potential, and the employment process is more about recognising candidates who will fit in well and dedicate themselves to the job?not scrutinising CVs.

Focus on morale

You must of course foster and not extinguish the passion of your employees, so keeping morale high and focussing on staff satisfaction is crucial.?

Nurturing a friendly working atmosphere goes a long way to improving communication throughout your organisation, but also encourages a camaraderie that makes individuals feel comfortable and happy in the office.

The Mediaworks team is like one big family, and that?s because we promote discussion and collaboration. A silent office can be a sign of disengaged workers, so don?t be afraid of a little chatter.

Recognition and reward

You must be as willing to provide positive feedback as you are to criticise. Staff who feel that their efforts go unrecognised are sure to feel demotivated and underappreciated: a recipe for underperformance.?

Schedule reviews and informal meetings whereby you can let employees know how their work is valuable, and always personally congratulate individuals for instances of excellent work. Even as my workforce grows, I am committed to upholding this principle.

Listen to and encourage feedback

If you?ve employed the right people, they?re sure to have some ideas that could do wonders for your business?so listen! Encourage a feedback culture whereby any member of staff is welcome to make suggestions.?

Request commentary on certain decisions and ideas, and you will again cultivate a collaborative working model that will yield supreme results.

Invest in research and development

In line with this, you must have a business infrastructure that is open to change. How can your company evolve if you are inflexible and unwelcoming of fresh ideas?

Plus, in order to generate new concepts, you should be willing to embrace research and development. Even in a tough economic climate, I recognised the need to invest in the future and not rest on our laurels; that?s why we now have tools that help our business stand out.

Prepare for growth

Fail to put the systems in place that will enable growth, and you will impede any opportunity for expansion. At the right time, Mediaworks invested in a premises that could accommodate a larger workforce in order to future-proof itself.
You need to be equally positive and plan for?not just strive towards?expansion.

Brett Jacobson is Managing Director of?Mediaworks.

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