Top tips for writing and publishing your own business book

With the economy showing positive signs of improvement, the time has never been better to work on raising your game. Writing a book is one of the most effective ways to do that. 

In a busy marketplace, there are bound to be concerns about how you can stand out and show your differentiation. But a crowded marketplace doesnt necessarily mean that companies won’t find be able to find you, or choose to work with you, providing you take steps to stand out above all others and showcase your real value. 

That is why you should be making a big impact by being bold, opinionated and authoritative in your particular field. To be a real thought leader, you need to be able to share experiences and knowledge and more importantly be able to share your wisdom and views on key issues within the market.

I have had so many people come to me and say that they dont have time to write their books, or that they have written them only to have them declined by the publishers. 

In my opinion, every book deserves to be published and I have seen many authors get over their writers block and have a complete manuscript in as little as 40 hours. The key is a great plan, good structure and technique plus a little persistence!

Here are my five best tips to help get yourself to publishing stage and ready to roll.

1. Plan, plan and plan again

One of the first tips of the key to the success of a completed book is the planning. Why do books need extensive editing Why do most people never start or finish writing a book Why do they lack flow, tone, style, content and description  

The answer is simple: it almost always boils down to the lack of a good plan, a lack of publishing and marketing knowledge and self-doubt and indecision. 

But racing at full speed into a best-seller without any clear plan or direction can be equally as dangerous if the book ends up being more of a brain-dump than a well thought through expression of the authors values, experiences and beliefs.

Dont try the DIY approach  

Seek advice from a professional book coach and/or editor, as this is a great way to reduce the number of hours spent on getting a book published. You can gain the essential knowledge and expertise to write your book faster and better than those who struggle on by themselves.

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