Top tips for writing and publishing your own business book

3. Consider many ideas before homing in on final angle

I would advise that anyone who is considering writing a book to consider all the possibilities rather than homing in on one topic too soon. Ive known many authors fall into the trap of thinking I dont know what Im going to write about but I know the title!” and this is a classic example of narrowing the focus too early on in the process. 

Often this can mean the best ideas are disregarded from the onset, hampering the success of the book to really reflect the values and opinions of the thought leader. 

4. Write a first draft

Completing a quick first draft will help get you on the right track and enables you to plan out the structure of your book. It will also help you to see if any sub-themes work well or need altering to ensure the book flows as succinctly as possible.

5. Give yourself a deadline 

Give yourself a deadline to work to and stick to it! Its no good if it just that task that you dip in and out of whenever you have some spare time. Treat your book as you would any other assignment or project and block out time to focus on your writing. 

Make sure the deadline you set is achievable and realistic, based on your current workload and commitments. Even writing just a few hundred words each week is better progress than none at all! 

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is an international speaker, author and founder of Panoma Press.

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